Win7 experience


How y'all doing?

I'm just fine, enjoying my Christmas vacations (from the 24th of December 2008 until the 7th of January 2009).

After reading that the beta 1 version of the Windows 7 was released (build 7000), I decided to try them on my PC and see for myself if they are hot or not.

So, I created a virtual machine using the Sun VirtualBox with 493MB of RAM and 7GB hard disk. For the Windows 7, I used the Windows 7 Beta 1 Build 7000 x86 DVD (REPACK-WinBeta). The installation worked out just fine, even with the petty system I own (Athlon64 3500+ 2.2GHz, 1GB RAM, 120+160+320GB hard disks, Windows Vista 64) and the even pettier setup for the windows 7 installation (493MB RAM, 7GB hard disk; specifications that sound just like a netbook).

The only problem that I faced is that windows 7 and the virtual network adapter of the virtual machine won't work together, as windows don't have a suitable driver. Besides that, the system worked perfectly and the feeling of the interface is ok.

Below you can find some screenshots:


Name meaning


How y'all doin'? I'm good, I'm good!

Today I learnt the meaning of my name (elias, for those who don't know). I was curious about it, since a few days ago I was talking with my coworkers during lunchtime about origins of names. I knew that my name was Jewish, but I hadn't a clue what it meant in Hebrew.

So, I did the obvious sinister act.. I Googled it :P

My name's etymology according to Wikipedia is this: Elias' meaning is "My god is Yah" or "Yah is god" or "YHWH is my el" or whatever :P

It's rather lame to be named "Yah is god" I think. It just sounds to me like a 14 year old girl would say: "XYZ-huge-pop-star is GOD, he is sooooooooo hot" or something :P

Obviously El means God.

I prefer El. "Hi, my name is El.. Do you know what 'El' means?.. El means God!" :P

Well, till next time.. Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


New shoes!


How y'all doing?

My sneakers' post has been updated with my new Adidas Campus ST sneakers!

Take a look at it here.

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Going to Siros


How y'all doing? I'm cool (one of the coolest kids on the block, as always :p)

After two weeks of productive developing, my 3rd week of vacations is beginning :p

I'm aboard the 'Nisos Mikonos' vessel, bound to the port of Hermoupolis, Siros! I'll be with Irine in Siros 'till Saturday and we'll stay at my cousin's hotel, the Aegean Star. I hope (and somehow know) we'll have a great time there!

That's all! Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Almost retro battle


How you doing?

Today when I returned to my house from work, I found that my mother had left her adorable white Cinquecento in the parking! Since the Cinquecento's name literally means "500", one could argue that the car is a 1991 interpretation of the classic Fiat 500. That's hardly true, but my mother hasn't bought (yet) the new Fiat 500. If she had it would be awesome :P

I took some photos of the cars in order to determine which is the most cute and sexy. Here they are:

The one is black and the other is white. Good vs. Evil and stuff :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Vacations @ mouries.kilkis.gr


How you doing? Didn't I tell in the previous post that I'll probably
spend the next week of my vacations at the house of a friend of mine
at the village of Mouries at the Kilkis province? Well, that's what I
did :p I was there from the 10th of August until today, the 16th. I
had a really great time there :D

Now I'm heading to thesaloniki to spend the weekend and I'll travel
back to Athens in the Sunday.

That's all! Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Kim's wedding


How y'all doing? I'm just fine!

The summer has arrived and now it is almost gone :P As for my summer, I have one comment: I finally travelled abroad! (I mentioned that I'll go there in a previous post, but now I've returned from this trip)

My destination were the Netherlands and I was there from the 12th to the 18th of july. Details from this trip on a subsequent post.

A week after the trip was the wedding of my dear friend thanasis
(a.k.a. Kim bo). The wedding was at Mesini, a little town near
Kalamata (a city in the Southern end of rural Greece). I went there by car with 6 friends of mine. We were divided in two cars, 4 in a BMW X5 (which was also used to transfer the bride to the church) and 3 in a Mazda 2. We stayed there for 3 days.

It was fun and we had a great time! In the photo you can see the groom applauding his wife that is dancing for him (you can't see her in the photo). This photo was shot at the party after the wedding that was in a club next to the beach.

Now I've returned to work. My next leave is in the 11th of August till the 15th. I'll probably spend these days at my friend Stathis at a village named Mouries, which is in Kilkis, in the Northern end of rural Greece.

After that I have another leave in the beginning of September. I want to spend this 3rd week with Irene.

That's all!
Till next time.. Ta ta!
elias a.k.a. diluted


Netherlands here I come!


How do you do? I'm truly fine! The summer has arrived and me and Irene got bored of the sun, the sea and all the things the famous greek summer consists of. So we decided to spend a week with my dear friends Dimitris and Xristos, who are doing their PhD at the TU Delft at the Netherlands. I hope we'll have a great time there!

By the way, I've never been abroad :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


MINI at last


How y'all doin'? Yesterday I got my mini cooper :D I went to the BMW dealer after work, payed him a large amount of money and got my mini :P

Here's a photo:
You can find more photos (and the one above in its original size) here.

That's all :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted



Hi all!

How you doing? I'm fine :p

Today I'm at a fine beach near Koropi (at Agios Dimitrios), that's actualy near my workplace :p So, as you can probably understand, this will be my hot spot for this year's summer :D I'm also attaching a photo of the beach!

I'm gonna go swimming now, so ta ta :D


Hocico @ gagarin, athens

Hi :D

How y'all doing? Yesterday took place the live we've all been expecting for, by the very aggressive electro industrial group Hocico (which is, by the way pronounced othiko :p). It was fun. The other event that occured lately was my birthday at the 21st of March. I became 27 years old. :(

I'll try to post more photos of these 2 events later. New! 28/4/2008 you can find some photos from the live here :p

Well, till next time.. Ta ta!
elias a.k.a. diluted




How y'all doing? I'm fine, thanks for asking :p

Lately I've been thinking of climbing the corporate ladder :p I found this ladder quote in a book I'm currently reading, entitled 'The good guy'. It's a rather interesting book with lots of action, an interesting plot and finely carved characters. But let's not deviate too much from the ladder thing. So, I've made some rather decisive and firm steps towards the establishment of my status within the corporation. One of the most important steps to my ultimate goal is to maintain a happy attitude and always have a good intention for my actions. I know that this path of "virtue and pure intentions" isn't a popular method to climb the corporate ladder, but I beg to differ and
I somehow have the feeling that I'll succeed.

Other news include that I ordered my beloved MINI Cooper and that it's snowing in Athens. Here's a picture from the backyard :p

That's all! Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


Intracom anniversary party

Hey all!

What's up? Reporting to you live from the Intracom anniversary party at the galea club :p Intracom is celebrating its 30 years :p whatever

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


1997 - 2007: 10 years of sneakers


How's everybody doin' this fine evening?

We have gathered here today to celebrate the 10th anniversary of sneakers in my life :D

The ceremony shall begin with a review of the shoes that have accompanied me these years, starting by the snicker I first bought when I was 16 years old.
  1. 1997 - 2002:
  2. Adidas Beta
    Note: These are not the actual shoes, but I found a pair on the net that look just like them (I think :P).

  3. 1998 - 2003:

  4. Reef Byerly 2
    Note: These are not the actual shoes. My sneakers were olive.

  5. 1999 - 2008/01/01:

  6. Adidas Lawsuit

  7. 2002 - 2009/09/01:

  8. Adidas Superstar II

  9. 2004 - 2013/07/29:

  10. Adidas Lawsuit II

  11. 2005 - present:

  12. Adidas Superstar II

  13. 2006 - 2009:

  14. Etnies Callicut

  15. 2007/12/31 - 2012/09/03:

  16. Adidas Superstar 1 Luxury

  17. 2008/10/19 - 2021/07/04:

  18. Adidas Campus ST

  19. 2009/08/28 - 2014/09/12:

  20. Reef Nutty

  21. 2012/09/08 - 2020/01/17:

  22. Adidas Ciero Update

  23. 2013/07/29 - present:

  24. Adidas Basket Profi

  25. 2013/09/04 - 2021/10/23:

  26. Adidas Superstar II

  27. 2015/01/22 - 2019/11/30:

  28. Adidas Basket Profi Black

  29. 2015/08/25 - present:

  30. Adidas Gateway 4

  31. 2019/11/30 - present:

  32. Adidas Superstar II

  33. 2020/01/17 - present:

  34. Adidas Gazelle

  35. 2021/07/04 - present:

  36. Adidas VL Court 2.0

  37. 2021/10/23 - present:

  38. Adidas Superstar II

  39. 2022/08/26 - present:

  40. Stan Smith

The only other shoe that I have is a pair of almost classic shoes that could be worn with a suit :P

That's all with my concise review of my shoes :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


1st post of 08


Happy new year everybody :p
This is the first post of the year!

Ta ta :p
elias a.k.a. diluted