hi ho

yesterday was a great day, for during this day I decided not to quit the whole diluLog effort :P

yesterday I decided to search for a fitness club near my house. I did find two and they are sooooo expensive. people tend to spend many money to exercise. too bad. guess I'll just go with the flow, register to the cheaper of the two clubs for the minimum period allowed and after the end of the period I'll decide if I'll continue or not.

does anybody around here have the "Pass First Certificate" software and can give it away or sell it or whatever?

gonna see "ask the dust" now..

nice talkin' again today in my blog :P
ta ta
elias a.k.a. diluted

PS. as you may have already understood, I won't ever again proof my posts (too bored to do that).


After a long time :P

hi ho

it's been a long time, ain't it? many things have changed in my life since my last post :P

the most significant change in my life is that I've been hired to intracom, where I'm a system software engineer. moreover, 3 days ago i decided not to abandon writing to the blog, as I thought it would be useful to see it as an exercise for my memory :P i.e. from now on I'll try to write everyday a digest of my life in that day. :D
sounds fun :D let's try that out.

so.. today I went to work at the building A1 of the intracom complex, where I've been going every day except Saturdays and Sundays. I was there at approximately 08:30. :P
as soon as I arrived to my desk (in the system software development department) I started working on my current project, which is to develop a tool that reports the usage and status of a flash drive with a JFFS2 filesystem. JFFS2 is a journaling file system that has been developed especially for flash memories. I haven't got much more time to further explain JFFS2 and I'm pretty sure that if you're interested you can google it. my boss further explained the requirements of the project and he made clear that I had to refine the method I used (i.e. to copy the entire contents of the flash to the RAM and then analyze them, which I copy-pasted from a jffs2 tool, the jffs2dump) so that a total memory copy won't take place. so, the rest of the day was consumed by this project that turned out to be rather demanding. I will continue with it tomorrow and I sure hope to have it ready by the end of the fuckin' day.

enough with it today. more things happened during this glorious day, but I am sort of reluctant to write them, because I feel deep inside me the need to sleep early.

that's all.
elias a.k.a. diluted

PS. if the post doesn't make sense, that's because I don't have the time to proof it :D


pearl jam @ OAKA basketball hall

ey all..

yesterday (20060930) pearl jam appeared for the first time in greece, @ the Basketball hall of the Olympic complex in marousi (where else could it be :P). I was there (of course)! It was awesome :D

I also took some photos with my shitty sony ericsson w810i. enjoy:
pearl jam photos in my pc

Finally, something irrelevant.. Tomorrow I'll go for yet another interview at Intracom :P


well ok..

lol the previous post was definetely not my last post, since i wrote this one too :P i just don't know if i'll continue doin' that for a long time..

tomorrow i will go for my second interview, this time @ Intracom.. this is the company that founded the previous one i went for an interview, Intrasoft International..

wish me luck (i know that nobody will read this for a long long time, but ok, whatever) :P

cu later
elias a.k.a. diluted


diluLog last log?

i got bored :P bloggin'.. i'm not keen on keeping diaries, so posting here became a not-so-entertaining activity (unlike other pastime activities, like eating seeds :P). i got sooooooooo bored of publishing every now and then about how i'm doin' and what i'm doin' with my life etc. the only thing i enjoy is being a techie geek sweet kiddy and havin' a great deal of xoupsis in the process (FYI the word xoupsis has been explained 2 posts before). i should probably delete this blog and stop wasting blogger space, but i won't do it.. not today for that matter :P

so long and thanks for all the fish :P
elias a.k.a. diluted


@ chania w/ s4


it's been a very long time since i used the blogger for the last time.. (not VERY long actually, but ok) :P

after my last post (which i submitted in the 25th of august) i stayed in athens for like 1 week and then i went to chania with my friend s4 (his actual name is stathis, but whatever), where we live in another friend's home, panagos'.. it must be the dirtiest home i've ever slept to, but whatever.. i'll survive :P

deep in my heart i know that this post is a borring one, but, believe me, i've got nothing to say (but i feel like my mouth is wide open, everything that is real, comes around, comes around.. SHUT UP) and i wanted to write something in the blog :P

cu again later,
elias a.k.a. diluted



this is a post concerning the story of xoupsis (in english that would be pronounced hoo-psish, but in greek it is spelled like xoupsis).

xoupsis is the sound that one makes when he snores, assuming that the long deep inhale sounds like hoooooooooooooooooo and the hissing exhale sounds like psis.

it was conceived by me and my sister when we were little kids (at about the age of 10). we used it to describe the sound that our dad made while sleeping in the noon. :P rather sweet ain't it? :P

later on -as we got bigger and wiser- we forgot this "word", but at the age of 25 i dug it out from the grave in order to use it as a post-modern, sweet and new baby talk word. of course very few people actually know and use this word (the one is me and the other my friend irene), but i believe that it has the potential to conquer the world :P irene associated this word with me, because i sleep too much. so, now i am a little silly xoupsis for her :P

this was the story of xoupsis :P

that's all.
elias a.k.a. diluted


end of vacations, start of work


my vacations have ended.. today i returned to the office of the SCORE research group, where i am a researcher.. the group coordinator assigned a project to me and a colleague, right from the first day.. the project is a feasibility study for the RFID technology usage in the retail shops of the biggest greek communication organization, OTE. god damn.. :(

meanwhile i'm searching for a job other than a researcher of the kind i am now :P

i'm bored and i'm not so happy :P

cu later




irene has just created her own blog here @ blogspot :P the address is http://roamzlog.blogspot.com :P

that's all folks..

@ thessaloniki with irene


i returned from chania 3 days ago (in monday)!! i had the greatest time ever :D

i am writing this post from thessaloniki, a city in northern greece where i came today with irene. i <3 thessaloniki.

but i ain't got much time to write a long essay for the city etc, so i will go now! ta ta :P


Vacations' time :D


it's time for vacations! :D that time has arrived a little bit late this year, but ok :P my destination will be chania, which is a city in crete, the capital of chania state. i will go there with my good friend irene. :D crete is an island in greece where i studied computer engineering for 6 years (from 1998 to 2004).. except that fact, which clearly makes crete (and especially chania) one of the most important locations in greece, it is one of the most beautiful greek islands that attracts tons of tourists every summer (i will be one of them) and it has a rich history from the ancient years.. google the keywords [crete, minoan (beware of minoan ferries :P), chania] to find more information about chania and their history.. i will be staying @ the golden bay hotel.. that's all folks.. cu in about a week or 2..

au revoir


Job interview


tomorrow shall be my first interview for a job.. I'm growing up.. :(
The interview will be @ Intrasoft.

Wish me good luck :P

ta ta :D


Google and the new punk era of IT

Google and the new punk era of IT: "Google recently shocked the IT world by revealing that it actually builds its own servers, a strategy delivering economic advantage over its competitors, and leaving corporate IT departments in the dust. The technology press was full of the industry's reaction, chiding Google and reminding us that conventional wisdom is that traditional server companies like Dell, have the unbeatable advantages of economies of scale and manufacturing know-how. Turns out that thinking is plain wrong.

The capital cost of a server when spread over its lifetime is small compared to the cost of power consumption, and associated cooling. Google, which makes more money than God it seems, does so by being smart enough to notice things like that. It turns out that in building their own servers, they actually pay a premium for power units, that run cheap and cool. Google have been banking that advantage from the beginning, when money was tight and their business was building."

Now I, dilu, will add my thoughts to the Genesis (I found its original text using Google :P):
"And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he thought that everything he made should be able to be located easily.

And on the second monday God said, Let there be Google: and there was Google, the sibling of light and the source of all knowledge. (illuminator :P)

And God searched with Google and he found everything he had created; and God blessed Google and he sanctified it: because that with it everyone can see all the divine work which he had made."

Omg I think that is the truth :P


It's Official - AMD Buys ATI

It's Official - AMD Buys ATI: AMD buys ATI for $5.4 billion in cash and stock. What implications is this merger going to have for the hardware market?

Nice :D


1st post


This is my first post in my blog.. It's like 6 in the morning here and I created this blog because I'm too bored. I don't know if I will continue that thing.. Email me @ dilu666@gmail.com if you wanna tell something :P

Going to sleep now.. ta ta :D
That's all.-