mips qemu


I created a mips virtual machine using these instructions. What I exactly did was:
  • Since I've got a debian, I didn't compile the qemu, but I just "sudo apt-get install"ed it
  • Created a hard disk using "qemu-img create -f qcow hda.img 10G"
  • Then I downloaded the images initrd.gz and vmlinux-2.6.26-2-4kc-malta from http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/dists/lenny/main/installer-mips/current/images/malta/netboot
  • After that, I ran "qemu-system-mips -M malta -kernel vmlinux-2.6.26-2-4kc-malta -initrd initrd.gz -hda hda.img -append "root=/dev/ram console=ttyS0" -nographic", in order to install debian
  • Then, after the installation was completed, I booted into the system using "qemu-system-mips -M malta -kernel vmlinux-2.6.26-2-4kc-malta -hda hda.img -append "root=/dev/hda1 console=ttyS0" -nographic -localtime", installed a few additional packages (e.g. "apt-get install gcc g++ bison gettext")
  • The machine can access the network, but only through TCP, Thus, SMB and TCP-NFS remote mounts are only available.
    • The instructions provide a way for full network access, but I don't need it.
It's awesome. :D

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted



How y'all doin'? I am at the beach of Agios Dimitrios near Koropi.
It's not the first time I come here, but today it was special, as I
managed to skip the traffic, which was terrible, using my GPS unit.

Other news include that I booked a room for me and 2 friends of me at
the Kasandra peninsula of Halkidiki and specifically in the Polihrono
village. We'll be there from the 9th of August, till the 14th.

I think that's all :P
Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted