hi ho

yesterday was a great day, for during this day I decided not to quit the whole diluLog effort :P

yesterday I decided to search for a fitness club near my house. I did find two and they are sooooo expensive. people tend to spend many money to exercise. too bad. guess I'll just go with the flow, register to the cheaper of the two clubs for the minimum period allowed and after the end of the period I'll decide if I'll continue or not.

does anybody around here have the "Pass First Certificate" software and can give it away or sell it or whatever?

gonna see "ask the dust" now..

nice talkin' again today in my blog :P
ta ta
elias a.k.a. diluted

PS. as you may have already understood, I won't ever again proof my posts (too bored to do that).


After a long time :P

hi ho

it's been a long time, ain't it? many things have changed in my life since my last post :P

the most significant change in my life is that I've been hired to intracom, where I'm a system software engineer. moreover, 3 days ago i decided not to abandon writing to the blog, as I thought it would be useful to see it as an exercise for my memory :P i.e. from now on I'll try to write everyday a digest of my life in that day. :D
sounds fun :D let's try that out.

so.. today I went to work at the building A1 of the intracom complex, where I've been going every day except Saturdays and Sundays. I was there at approximately 08:30. :P
as soon as I arrived to my desk (in the system software development department) I started working on my current project, which is to develop a tool that reports the usage and status of a flash drive with a JFFS2 filesystem. JFFS2 is a journaling file system that has been developed especially for flash memories. I haven't got much more time to further explain JFFS2 and I'm pretty sure that if you're interested you can google it. my boss further explained the requirements of the project and he made clear that I had to refine the method I used (i.e. to copy the entire contents of the flash to the RAM and then analyze them, which I copy-pasted from a jffs2 tool, the jffs2dump) so that a total memory copy won't take place. so, the rest of the day was consumed by this project that turned out to be rather demanding. I will continue with it tomorrow and I sure hope to have it ready by the end of the fuckin' day.

enough with it today. more things happened during this glorious day, but I am sort of reluctant to write them, because I feel deep inside me the need to sleep early.

that's all.
elias a.k.a. diluted

PS. if the post doesn't make sense, that's because I don't have the time to proof it :D