Workplace 2009


How y'all doin'?

I'm still striving through the hardships of life :P

Today kids, I'm gonna show you my workplace! I know that it's dreamy and extremely sexy; that's why I'm showing it off ;)

Let's start with the right side; in the picture below, you can see the following things there:
  1. the XPU board (the thing with the heat sinks and the chips),
  2. my old computer (p4@1.3GHz w/ 256MB RAM),
  3. my eastpak (black of course; it contains many things, which will be covered in a different post [if requested]),
  4. my bathing suit (it's summer, yay),
  5. a laptop (it's not mine [my laptop -netbook- is in the eastpak]; it's a friend's where I will install some things; a pentium M@1.4GHz with 128MB RAM),
  6. my coffee thermos (espresso roasted @ my home; don't so much like the [otherwise free] filter coffee the company offers; also note the subliminal message that the phallic shape conveys :P),
  7. 3 CDs turned-to-coasters (keep the workplace clean),
  8. my freddo glass (it's no Serse Freddo, but it's kinda cool :P) and last, but not least,
  9. a half eaten apple (in order to complete this dead nature masterpiece with a cliche).

Now it's the turn of the center side, here the main work takes place. Let's see what that contains:
  1. My telephone (for old school communication),
  2. My new pc (Debian GNU Linux 5.0 Lenny, Core2Duo 7400, 1GB RAM),
  3. Two mouses (one for my new pc and one for my windows pc),
  4. My two monitors (the TFT is for the new pc; the windows pc handles both the screens),
  5. The new pc keyboard (sleek and cool),
  6. A brochure for accessories for my car (a rather cool brochure),
  7. The keyboard of my windows pc and
  8. A DSL modem that is being used as a switch (in order to connect the PCs and the boards to the net)

As for the left side, it is worthy to note:
  1. The windows pc keyboard (must figure out how to use one keyboard with two pcs),
  2. the windows pc itself (which is a P4 with 512MB RAM btw),
  3. another board (named IDU; a rather cool board actually),
  4. the power supply for the boards (and an accompanying fan) and, to conclude the tour of my workplace,
  5. the MUSIC board.

Now you've seen where I work. Isn't it magical? It sort of reminds me the pictures of Google in Switzerland.