well ok..

lol the previous post was definetely not my last post, since i wrote this one too :P i just don't know if i'll continue doin' that for a long time..

tomorrow i will go for my second interview, this time @ Intracom.. this is the company that founded the previous one i went for an interview, Intrasoft International..

wish me luck (i know that nobody will read this for a long long time, but ok, whatever) :P

cu later
elias a.k.a. diluted


diluLog last log?

i got bored :P bloggin'.. i'm not keen on keeping diaries, so posting here became a not-so-entertaining activity (unlike other pastime activities, like eating seeds :P). i got sooooooooo bored of publishing every now and then about how i'm doin' and what i'm doin' with my life etc. the only thing i enjoy is being a techie geek sweet kiddy and havin' a great deal of xoupsis in the process (FYI the word xoupsis has been explained 2 posts before). i should probably delete this blog and stop wasting blogger space, but i won't do it.. not today for that matter :P

so long and thanks for all the fish :P
elias a.k.a. diluted


@ chania w/ s4


it's been a very long time since i used the blogger for the last time.. (not VERY long actually, but ok) :P

after my last post (which i submitted in the 25th of august) i stayed in athens for like 1 week and then i went to chania with my friend s4 (his actual name is stathis, but whatever), where we live in another friend's home, panagos'.. it must be the dirtiest home i've ever slept to, but whatever.. i'll survive :P

deep in my heart i know that this post is a borring one, but, believe me, i've got nothing to say (but i feel like my mouth is wide open, everything that is real, comes around, comes around.. SHUT UP) and i wanted to write something in the blog :P

cu again later,
elias a.k.a. diluted