Scientists devise Plasma Launcher: the “Holy Grail” of Physics

Nice :D I want a plasma rifle :D
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CERN tests anti-gravity potential in antimatter


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Uruguay scientists genetically modify sheeps to glow in the dark

The article states "However, most of these scientists aren't just modifying these animals for fun. They believe that research on these genetically modified animals can help scientists better understand diseases and how diseases develop, not just for animals, but for humans as well."

In other words, these animals are being modified just for fun :P


Why aren't you buying HTC phones?

People tend to go along with the stream and the trends. They are also more prone to buy stuff from well known and established brands. Moreover, the species has a natural inclination to mimicking.

This is a nice reference to the second track of the second studio (Iowa) album from slipknot ;)

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