failing to install a phone (continued)


How y'all doing?

In a previous post I talked about my failure to install a phone and a home network in a friend's home. A long time has passed since then and I've gone back to his house 2 additional times (as far as the phone and network installation is concerned).

To make the long story short, I've managed to install everything successfully.

The telephone was relatively easy (after the issue with the correct line was resolved), since a call center was not required (if anyone talks to any of the 5 phones and another one picks up another phone, he will just join the conversation).

The biggest challenge that had to be dealt with was the network, since the house didn't have a LAN infrastructure (can you believe it? A 3-storey house with a 100m^2 underground parking and a swimming pool built in 2008 without LAN!). What I decided to do was to install a modem router at the penthouse and then transfer the network to the other floors through the power line using Belkin HD powerline adapters. 4 adapters were needed:
  • 1 in order to transfer the network from the penthouse to the rest of the house
  • 1 in the 1st floor in order to be connected with a wireless router to provide wireless network-internet access to the three bedrooms located there
  • 1 in the ground floor, again connected with a wireless router in order to cover the living room, the kitchen and a most of the pool and garden area
  • 1 in the basement, which will be connected to the usual wireless router which will provide network access to the study of the ground floor, as well as the two bedrooms and the living room of the basement
So, we (me and my friend) thought to purchase two HD powerline kits, which contain a pair of adapters each and pair all the adapters together. Though, due to a limitation of the kits (or lack of proper explanation in the manual), the 4 adapters were unable to be synchronized (couldn't understand what was wrong; possibly unable to enter search mode?). When despair and fatigue had evaporated our hope that this could ever work, I thought one last thing that we could do: To return the one of the two kits and buy a single adapter instead (whose manual explicitly referred to pairing with other adapters). I wasn't very optimistic that this idea will bear fruits (and if it did, I though they would be rotten), but this scheme actually produced excellent results and the resulting network was exceptionally stable and fast (the penthouse to the basement link is the slower with 4mbps).

I will end this post here, but I will edit it accordingly with total cost of the infrastructure and further details about the project!

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted