At thes for the new year!


How y'all doin'? Happy holidays and the rest well known wishes, which I'm utterly bored to mention :p

This year, I'll be in thesaloniki for the new year's eve! Now that I mentioned thesaloniki (for, like, the bilionth time), I would also like to mention a fact about this city. Did you know that thesaloniki is, like, the co-capital of greece, along with athens? I don't know another country that has succumbed to the provincialism of a city, even one with an undeniably historical importance or whatever. If someone knows another country with a co-capital please tell it. :p

That's all. Till the new year,
Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


Long time no see

Hey all!

How you doin'? It's been a long time since I last wrote on the blog. I
won't get into details, apologize or even try to analyze the reasons
behind this fact; I've done that before.

I'll just say hello and then resume reading my book; trace by patricia cornwell.

Till next time.. Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


Memory leaks


How you doing? I'm fine! After an awesome weekend at thesaloniki, I've returned to Athens with my batteries recharged and good to go for another week :p

Though, I'm constantly noticing that I keep forgetting things. I'm not forgetting important stuff though. What I do forget are small things. Things that make people angry :p

Well, that's all!
Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


OctobeR @ the beach


What's up? I'm doin' just fine here at the beach :p people say that this weather is too cold for swimming. Well, I think that is not entirely true :p The sea was great! Just a little to too much dirty :p I saw an actual shoe beside me while swimming!

That's all!


Yet another trip

Hi :D

How y'all doin'? I'm doin' just fine!

I'm going to thesaloniki :D Today in the train the driver started speaking english :p I've heard english once before in the train, but never again.. I sincerely hope that this time it'll become a habit to the drivers, or a requirement from OSE(the railway organization in greece) :p

The really bad thing that happened is that someone robbed my sweet xoupsou's house yesterday and stole many things :'( Poor thing.. Now I'll go to soothe her pain and make her feel good!

That's all from me! Till next time.. Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


At the war museum


How are you doing? I hope you're cool!

Today I passed in front of the war museum of Greece and I saw a sculpture that I think it is influenced by the abstract expressionism or impressionism or whatever and it is supposed to represent something about the fighters in Crete.

As a matter of fact this artifact was just an excuse for me to write another post, since I ain't got much to say :P

Also, Irene told me today that Eurobank has an advertisement where a guy calls his cat Houpsi. The creators of these adv probably stole this name from me and Irene! I demand intellectual property rights!

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


@ my workplace


How you doing? I'm pretty good!

Summer has ended and those who have a job are returning to it.. Well, so did I! In the photo you can see my workstation, an old HP Evo D310. Bye :p


La Mirage Pansion @ Halkidiki


How you doin'? I'm at the pansion La Mirage, which is near Athitos (a village at the Kasandra peninsula of Halkidiki) for the weekend.

It's very cool, as it is surrounded by a romantic garden and it's near a beautiful (but rocky) beach with crystal clear waters.

I'll return to Athens this Sunday, because I have to go to work at Monday!

See you,
elias a.k.a. diluted




How y'all doin'?

I'm fine! After watching this Southpark episode, I reluctantly decided to create a MySpace account. So here it is. :P

Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, I went for a short trip to Chania. It was great catching up with all my old friends and having a nice, carefree time ;D
In the photo you can see the gang of the Electronic and Computer Engineers just before our departure from Chania. :P

That's all :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Postin' when bored


How y'all been doin'? I'm cool :p

I'm returning from my more-or-less 10-day vacations in (where else would dilu go?) Thesaloniki :p

After returning home I'll leave, yet again, for a short trip (2 days,or 1.5 to be exact) to Chania with my old university pals!

So, today's lecture will be about my posting-on-weblog habits :p

Perhaps you, my oh-so-loyal and oh-so-many readers (a slight touch of irony), have noticed two facts, which will be mentioned and analyzed in the remainder of this text.

1. I rarely post.
2. The majority of my posts are being sent from my mobile (and, thus, this is where they have been composed) while I'm traveling.
3. The posts tend to be large and complex; thing that if we consider their source (my cell) and the fact that I'm not a native english speaker, usually takes a lot of time.

The reason for all of the above is that I mostly post when I'm bored :p

The third fact also comes from my inherent tendency to write pipes. I'm a pipologist :p Don't worry though; for the terms "pipes" and "pipology" will be investigated at a subsequent post!

Well, enough for today. See you another time! Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


Vacations time!


How are y'all doing? Are you enjoying the summer? I hope you do!

My vacations started at friday, when the company closed for the summer! It will be closed from the 6th of August 'till the 26th. That's a long time! My vacations technically started yesterday, for it was then that I left home to go to another place to spend some relaxing days there! I went to thesaloniki :p I don't know for how long I'll stay here. :p

Well, 'till next time.. Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


On the road again


What are y'all doin'? I hope you're fine and enjoyin' in the summertime when the weather's fine :p

I spent my weekend at thesaloniki and now I'm returning to athens for another week of very fulfilling, challenging and enjoyable, but hard, work.

Today I feel like talking about my vacations :p The company is gonna close from the 4th till the 26th of August. So, it seems reasonable that any plans for a vacation will have to be more or less during that period. Though I haven't made any plans at all :p I'll keep you posted when any solid plan comes up for "mon repaux" ;p

That's all for now! Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


We're all living in America

Yo from starbucks @ kamara, thesaloniki :p

I'm here with irene and we're enjoying our coffees; an iced shaken
coffee for irene and a doubleshot iced shaken espresso for me!

After that we'll grab some authentic italian ice cream(r) from a
"gelateria" at navarinou street and later at night we'll go to listen
to quality nu metal at the X club in ladadika.

WoW :D and of course I'm posting my actions at my blog. Americanize :p

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Hi from a beach @ xalkidiki :p
elias a.k.a. diluted

Gettin' ready for the sea


What's up kids? I'm fine :p I'm going to go to the sea in a while @ the beautiful beach of Halkidiki! In the photo you can see the coffees me and irene are drinking :p

Of I go then! :D Ta ta,
Elias a.k.a. diluted


On my way to work

Hi :D

How you doin'? What've you been up to lately? I'm on my way to my work
with the company's bus and I remembered my blog!

I haven't posted for more than a month and I somehow feel that the
average interval between two consecutive posts is a month or so and
thus I felt an urge to post, even if all I had to write were gibberish
and a total waste of time for you, my precious and oh so loyal readers

That was more or less all I had to say..

I hope you enjoyed our time together today. You know it's getting
harder and harder to just sit back and enjoy the finer things in life
:p Well, till next time.. Ta ta!
elias a.k.a. diluted



hi :D

How have y'all been doin'? I've been great :p Sorry for not having
posted lately (I'm soo sure you are waiting for my new posts in agony
:p), but many interesting things held me back. These things will be
reviewed briefly on the remainder of this
text! But let's focus at first on what I'm currently doing :p

I'm inside a train that has just begun its journey from Thesaloniki,
where I have been for the weekend, to Athens.

Now the interesting part: the things that prohibited me from my
favorite pastime activity - posting to my blog :p

The most important reason for omitting to post is -and that can't be
easily denied- that I've been busy with my job, where I'm required to
do a LOT of things.. You could righteously argue that I could post
when I return back home.. You know, serve myself some burbon or
listen to my favorite music on my home stereo, lean back on my
easychair by the fireplace and compose a post at my 5K€ laptop. But
there are some fundamental difficulties that don't allow me to make
that heavenly scenario a reality. I don't have a 5K€ laptop to begin
with :p I also don't have an easychair by the fireplace. :p

In addition to my job, one other difficulty was the fact that I don't
have anything to write about. Nothing to comment on that :p

Also, you may have noticed that my posts' source usually is my mobile
phone, thanks to google :p These days, I couldn't enter the net
through my mobile phone, because I transfered the ownership of the
subscription from my father to myself and it took some days for the
activation of the net.

That's all for now, see you later!
Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Homemade Burgers!

how u doin? i'm just fine!
Greeks are traditionally greek orthodox, so this period is dedicated 2 celebrations concerning our "divine" lord jesus christ. And more specifically his crucifixion by the Romans and his subsequent resurrection from the dead.
According to christian tradition this act has been deliberately planned by God to save the souls of us all.
Also, Christians are fasting while the celebrations are on going. I'm not, so today i made some roasted burgers . The point is that i didn't know how to cook, so i needed some instructions. I googled and found some. After all, i didnt need to search 4 these, coz they were prepared and cooked under the instructions of Roam, whom i thank 4rm the bottom of my heart. They were gr8. We also made a huge greek salad and some fried potatoes. I ate the whole salad by myself and roam ate all the burgers. We split the potatoes:P


Thessaloniki-Athens Intercity 1st class

hi people!

it's been long since i last wrote on my blog, so how you doin', what
have you been up to? :p

this weekend i went to thessaloniki with my friend tasos, whose
appearance kind of resembles our divine lord, Jesus Christ himself. :p

we took an airplane to go to thessaloniki in friday evening and we are
returning with an intercity train, which is supposedly fast (in
comparison to other trains of course). :p when we bought the tickets
on tuesday, this train had seats available only in the 1st class..
it's not bad at all, although kind of expensive (in comparison to
other train tickets,of course) :p

that's all.. 'till next time.. ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


birthday :P


what's up?

yestarday was my birthday :P I turned 26.
OK, I guess that, at 26, birthdays do not excite you as much as they excited you when you were a youngster.. :P Back then, growing up had a purpose.. Some examples:
  • "When I'll become 18 (or 16 in some other countries (e.g. USA)) I'll get a car, go to the university and leave from my parent's house"
  • "When I'll become 24 I'll buy my own car and my own home to live there with my super-model girlfriend to whom I won't get married, because that's just gross"
I'm actually bored to write more..
ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted




How you doin' all?

I'm just fine btw :P

Now the interesting part begins :P I went at Spanos S.A., a BMW-MINI dealer in Siggrou Avenue in Athens, to ask information and have a close look at a Mini Cooper, which is the car I want to buy. It has some serious pros and cons. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely fabulous :D Though, it has the disadvantage that it is quite expensive (a base price of 22000euro). Screw disadvantages. I'm soooo gonna buy this car :D Take a look at some photos I took from the interior of a MINI that was exhibited.



well.. this post was a mistake.. such a stupid mistake that was all mine :P

that's about all,
ta ta :P
elias a.k.a. diluted


Fwd: trip to thesaloniki

OMG, yesterday, i sent this email to go@blogger.com, but it didn't
generate the new post. so, here it is again.. i hope it works this

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2007 12:57:11


what's up? i'm going to thesaloniki by train, as always :p

cu from there!
elias a.k.a. diluted

Irene's K700i joystick


i'm very happy to announce that me with irene have just replaced the
defective joystick from her sony ericsson k700i with a new one that we
purchaced from a guy at hong kong through the ebay. the replacement
process was fairly easy, as we found instructions for the phone's
disassembly in a website.

this will go straight to my cv :pPpPpP

cu later
elias a.k.a. diluted


My room


How y'all doin'?

Guess you're allright :P Well, so am I, even though the DSL line hasn't yet been activated. That sucks, but ok.

I decided today to show to you my room. It is a truly great room :P
Look at it:


fixed my opera mini 3 installation


today i managed to fix the opera mini 3, that couldn't take photos
from the camera :p

btw, i'm on my way to the train station, where i'll buy train tickets
4 thesaloniki :p

that's all.
ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


no net for a few days.. :'(

omg i won't have nework access for a few days, for i'm upgrading my
dsl line to 3mbps.. let's hope it will worth the wait :p jack lives
here :D

ta ta
elias a.k.a. diluted


Trip to thessaloniki


i'm going to thessaloniki for the weekend :p here r some random photos :p

ta ta

elias a.k.a. diluted


@ bournazi assemblying s3's bike


after irene left 4 thesaloniki, i went with my friend kostas 2
assembly his bike, a bmw k1200s.

that was another manifestation of my latest craze of mobile bloggin'
:p i wonder when this will pass..1 week or more?

ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted

live from the cinema

Now playin: Apocalypto. i will only say one thing. WOW

elias a.k.a. diluted


test 2 post from cell phone


i will now (try to) post to my blog from my cell phone :p will it
work? i think it will :p

elias a.k.a. diluted


forgot about freeman

hi ho

the title of this post has been inspired by an incident in the storyline of the epic game halflife :P

it sort of spontaneously came up, when today i thought "i forgot about the blog".. i know that in my previous posts i made some quite pompous declarations concerning my plan to make a log every day that'll be a digest of my daily life. i haven't done that, as you can probably see :P my only excuse is that i'm very busy lately and i use the blog only when i'm bored.

to conclude, i haven't got the slightest clue of when i'll write again, so.. till next time.. ta ta!
(Offspring - Smash - the ending of the album)