this is a post concerning the story of xoupsis (in english that would be pronounced hoo-psish, but in greek it is spelled like xoupsis).

xoupsis is the sound that one makes when he snores, assuming that the long deep inhale sounds like hoooooooooooooooooo and the hissing exhale sounds like psis.

it was conceived by me and my sister when we were little kids (at about the age of 10). we used it to describe the sound that our dad made while sleeping in the noon. :P rather sweet ain't it? :P

later on -as we got bigger and wiser- we forgot this "word", but at the age of 25 i dug it out from the grave in order to use it as a post-modern, sweet and new baby talk word. of course very few people actually know and use this word (the one is me and the other my friend irene), but i believe that it has the potential to conquer the world :P irene associated this word with me, because i sleep too much. so, now i am a little silly xoupsis for her :P

this was the story of xoupsis :P

that's all.
elias a.k.a. diluted


end of vacations, start of work


my vacations have ended.. today i returned to the office of the SCORE research group, where i am a researcher.. the group coordinator assigned a project to me and a colleague, right from the first day.. the project is a feasibility study for the RFID technology usage in the retail shops of the biggest greek communication organization, OTE. god damn.. :(

meanwhile i'm searching for a job other than a researcher of the kind i am now :P

i'm bored and i'm not so happy :P

cu later




irene has just created her own blog here @ blogspot :P the address is http://roamzlog.blogspot.com :P

that's all folks..

@ thessaloniki with irene


i returned from chania 3 days ago (in monday)!! i had the greatest time ever :D

i am writing this post from thessaloniki, a city in northern greece where i came today with irene. i <3 thessaloniki.

but i ain't got much time to write a long essay for the city etc, so i will go now! ta ta :P


Vacations' time :D


it's time for vacations! :D that time has arrived a little bit late this year, but ok :P my destination will be chania, which is a city in crete, the capital of chania state. i will go there with my good friend irene. :D crete is an island in greece where i studied computer engineering for 6 years (from 1998 to 2004).. except that fact, which clearly makes crete (and especially chania) one of the most important locations in greece, it is one of the most beautiful greek islands that attracts tons of tourists every summer (i will be one of them) and it has a rich history from the ancient years.. google the keywords [crete, minoan (beware of minoan ferries :P), chania] to find more information about chania and their history.. i will be staying @ the golden bay hotel.. that's all folks.. cu in about a week or 2..

au revoir