Homemade Burgers!

how u doin? i'm just fine!
Greeks are traditionally greek orthodox, so this period is dedicated 2 celebrations concerning our "divine" lord jesus christ. And more specifically his crucifixion by the Romans and his subsequent resurrection from the dead.
According to christian tradition this act has been deliberately planned by God to save the souls of us all.
Also, Christians are fasting while the celebrations are on going. I'm not, so today i made some roasted burgers . The point is that i didn't know how to cook, so i needed some instructions. I googled and found some. After all, i didnt need to search 4 these, coz they were prepared and cooked under the instructions of Roam, whom i thank 4rm the bottom of my heart. They were gr8. We also made a huge greek salad and some fried potatoes. I ate the whole salad by myself and roam ate all the burgers. We split the potatoes:P


Thessaloniki-Athens Intercity 1st class

hi people!

it's been long since i last wrote on my blog, so how you doin', what
have you been up to? :p

this weekend i went to thessaloniki with my friend tasos, whose
appearance kind of resembles our divine lord, Jesus Christ himself. :p

we took an airplane to go to thessaloniki in friday evening and we are
returning with an intercity train, which is supposedly fast (in
comparison to other trains of course). :p when we bought the tickets
on tuesday, this train had seats available only in the 1st class..
it's not bad at all, although kind of expensive (in comparison to
other train tickets,of course) :p

that's all.. 'till next time.. ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted