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I have great news! My "site" (http://dilu.no-ip.info) now appears in the Google search engine! Search for "diluSouthpark" for example. Some of the results point to my site :P

That's all :P

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New year's post


How y'all doing? My best wishes for the new year to all! I'm just fine, but today my vacations end :(

While trying to get a good night's sleep, some thoughts entered my mind and urged me to change my fundamental beliefs on god and all that supernatural stuff.

I thought that it is very probable for extraterrestrial lifeforms to exist. But I can't prove it. So, if one inquires me concerning my beliefs about alien species, I would answer that it is very probable for them to exist, but I can't say that I believe that they exist. I don't know. And, quite frankly, I don't care.

I then extended this "I don't know, I don't care" theory of mine and realized that I don't believe in anything that can't be proven using science and/or hands on experience. (i.e. I deny any form of dogma) If I am somehow interested in the field of belief in question, then I'll consider the possibilities based on the scientifically proven facts about it and make my selection based on them. For example: If the "extraterrestrial life" topic is under discussion, I will state that my belief is that it is highly possible for aliens to exist. As a footnote I will also add that I don't care whether they do or not, but it is very fun to develop theories and talk about it.

The question of belief always brings to one's mind pictures of god and supernatural stuff and so on. So, here's what I think about god:

It is highly unlikely that god exists. I don't care if it does. (don't get me started about the genre now.. Do you think that the supposable entity that supposedly created the whole universe would have a penis or a vagina?)

So, until now I didn't believe in god. Now, after this revelation, my belief is:
I don't believe that god exists, but I don't have definitive knowledge in order to deny its existence. In other words, I define myself as an Agnostic Atheist (some authors call it Weak Atheism).

You can find some excellent articles on theism in general at the endnotes of the wikipedia link above.

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elias a.k.a. diluted