How y'all doing? I'm fine, thanks for asking :p

Lately I've been thinking of climbing the corporate ladder :p I found this ladder quote in a book I'm currently reading, entitled 'The good guy'. It's a rather interesting book with lots of action, an interesting plot and finely carved characters. But let's not deviate too much from the ladder thing. So, I've made some rather decisive and firm steps towards the establishment of my status within the corporation. One of the most important steps to my ultimate goal is to maintain a happy attitude and always have a good intention for my actions. I know that this path of "virtue and pure intentions" isn't a popular method to climb the corporate ladder, but I beg to differ and
I somehow have the feeling that I'll succeed.

Other news include that I ordered my beloved MINI Cooper and that it's snowing in Athens. Here's a picture from the backyard :p

That's all! Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted