hi :D

How have y'all been doin'? I've been great :p Sorry for not having
posted lately (I'm soo sure you are waiting for my new posts in agony
:p), but many interesting things held me back. These things will be
reviewed briefly on the remainder of this
text! But let's focus at first on what I'm currently doing :p

I'm inside a train that has just begun its journey from Thesaloniki,
where I have been for the weekend, to Athens.

Now the interesting part: the things that prohibited me from my
favorite pastime activity - posting to my blog :p

The most important reason for omitting to post is -and that can't be
easily denied- that I've been busy with my job, where I'm required to
do a LOT of things.. You could righteously argue that I could post
when I return back home.. You know, serve myself some burbon or
listen to my favorite music on my home stereo, lean back on my
easychair by the fireplace and compose a post at my 5K€ laptop. But
there are some fundamental difficulties that don't allow me to make
that heavenly scenario a reality. I don't have a 5K€ laptop to begin
with :p I also don't have an easychair by the fireplace. :p

In addition to my job, one other difficulty was the fact that I don't
have anything to write about. Nothing to comment on that :p

Also, you may have noticed that my posts' source usually is my mobile
phone, thanks to google :p These days, I couldn't enter the net
through my mobile phone, because I transfered the ownership of the
subscription from my father to myself and it took some days for the
activation of the net.

That's all for now, see you later!
Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted