OctobeR @ the beach


What's up? I'm doin' just fine here at the beach :p people say that this weather is too cold for swimming. Well, I think that is not entirely true :p The sea was great! Just a little to too much dirty :p I saw an actual shoe beside me while swimming!

That's all!


Yet another trip

Hi :D

How y'all doin'? I'm doin' just fine!

I'm going to thesaloniki :D Today in the train the driver started speaking english :p I've heard english once before in the train, but never again.. I sincerely hope that this time it'll become a habit to the drivers, or a requirement from OSE(the railway organization in greece) :p

The really bad thing that happened is that someone robbed my sweet xoupsou's house yesterday and stole many things :'( Poor thing.. Now I'll go to soothe her pain and make her feel good!

That's all from me! Till next time.. Ta ta :D
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