At the war museum


How are you doing? I hope you're cool!

Today I passed in front of the war museum of Greece and I saw a sculpture that I think it is influenced by the abstract expressionism or impressionism or whatever and it is supposed to represent something about the fighters in Crete.

As a matter of fact this artifact was just an excuse for me to write another post, since I ain't got much to say :P

Also, Irene told me today that Eurobank has an advertisement where a guy calls his cat Houpsi. The creators of these adv probably stole this name from me and Irene! I demand intellectual property rights!

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


@ my workplace


How you doing? I'm pretty good!

Summer has ended and those who have a job are returning to it.. Well, so did I! In the photo you can see my workstation, an old HP Evo D310. Bye :p