La Mirage Pansion @ Halkidiki


How you doin'? I'm at the pansion La Mirage, which is near Athitos (a village at the Kasandra peninsula of Halkidiki) for the weekend.

It's very cool, as it is surrounded by a romantic garden and it's near a beautiful (but rocky) beach with crystal clear waters.

I'll return to Athens this Sunday, because I have to go to work at Monday!

See you,
elias a.k.a. diluted




How y'all doin'?

I'm fine! After watching this Southpark episode, I reluctantly decided to create a MySpace account. So here it is. :P

Also, as I mentioned in my previous post, I went for a short trip to Chania. It was great catching up with all my old friends and having a nice, carefree time ;D
In the photo you can see the gang of the Electronic and Computer Engineers just before our departure from Chania. :P

That's all :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Postin' when bored


How y'all been doin'? I'm cool :p

I'm returning from my more-or-less 10-day vacations in (where else would dilu go?) Thesaloniki :p

After returning home I'll leave, yet again, for a short trip (2 days,or 1.5 to be exact) to Chania with my old university pals!

So, today's lecture will be about my posting-on-weblog habits :p

Perhaps you, my oh-so-loyal and oh-so-many readers (a slight touch of irony), have noticed two facts, which will be mentioned and analyzed in the remainder of this text.

1. I rarely post.
2. The majority of my posts are being sent from my mobile (and, thus, this is where they have been composed) while I'm traveling.
3. The posts tend to be large and complex; thing that if we consider their source (my cell) and the fact that I'm not a native english speaker, usually takes a lot of time.

The reason for all of the above is that I mostly post when I'm bored :p

The third fact also comes from my inherent tendency to write pipes. I'm a pipologist :p Don't worry though; for the terms "pipes" and "pipology" will be investigated at a subsequent post!

Well, enough for today. See you another time! Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted


Vacations time!


How are y'all doing? Are you enjoying the summer? I hope you do!

My vacations started at friday, when the company closed for the summer! It will be closed from the 6th of August 'till the 26th. That's a long time! My vacations technically started yesterday, for it was then that I left home to go to another place to spend some relaxing days there! I went to thesaloniki :p I don't know for how long I'll stay here. :p

Well, 'till next time.. Ta ta :D
elias a.k.a. diluted