Russia's latest five-year plan calls for switch to Linux

hurray for the russians :D


CIA's WTF to investigate impact of WikiLeaks

LOL CIA WTF FFS GTP (the last one is greeklish) :D

by the way, if the CIA would have assessed the impact earlier, after wikileaks' asked the US ambassador to examine the leaks before publishing the "leakage" (here and here), all these problems would not exist now.

via Engadget by Donald Melanson on 12/22/10

UN on the wikileaks


IMHO, this article condemns the US stance and considers it as a violation of the free speech :D


Ancient humans interbred with us

how did the homo sapiens sapiens prevail? It must have been either interbreeding or simple racism and marginalization :P

Also, as can be seen on the diagram that shows the human family tree, Neanderthal DNA traces can be found in all the human lineages that can be viewed in the diagram, except the African.

via BBC News - Home on 12/22/10

Cyberdyne HAL Exoskeleton to Be Shown Off at CES 2011

The coolest part is that the exoskeleton moves on its own, based on what you want it to do. Thus, it's a movement amplifier. :P Imagine having an involuntary muscle contraction. This thing will just amplify it ;)

via SlashGear by Evan Selleck on 12/22/10

Secret Soviet-era laser tank pops up in the Ivanovo Oblast

a laser tank. when others were jumping from pole to pole in the Olympic games of Barcelona, the Russians were building laser tanks :P

via Engadget by Joseph L. Flatley on 12/22/10


Kinect admits itself to hospital, treated for gesture control of medical images

A truly awesome application of the kinect! A gloveless minority report style interface is closer in the mainstream than we imagine (and it is actually put to good use) :D
via Engadget by Darren Murph on 12/21/10

Heart Spark pendant blinks with your heart

how nice, a perfect gift for the Valentine's day for your geeky sweetheart :D


The woman who cannot experience fear

via BBC News - Home on 12/17/10

A woman who is unable to feel fear may help scientists find treatments for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and create the brutal unstoppable army of really angry ladies :P

Seriously though, by removing a part of one's brain, he/she is unable to experience fear. By extending this pattern to other emotions, one can argue that the very soul of a human being is partitioned in a number of distinct "hardware" (would flesh and blood be more appropriate maybe?) components. Each component is dedicated to a certain function (e.g. risk management, graphics processing, audio processing, social processor, reasoning unit, anxiety control, arithmetic unit, e.t.c..).

This hardware component paradigm is very familiar to us (by "us", I mean people familiar with the general principles of simple machine design; btw, most of us are familiar with these concepts [by the latter "us", I mean everyone]). But I digress.

So, one could choose to believe that since people have been thusly built, someone must have designed them. But I digress.

Finally, a rather intriguing (and, IMHO very awesome) argument would be that essentially we are a conglomeration (a swarm, if you will) of organisms that chose to cooperate in order to survive through the hardships of the world that surrounded them and after millions of years have evolved to the specialized organs that constitute our bodies. This isn't anything new or radical, as it can be deduced intuitively by the fact that life began from a single cell organism.

The point is that, since even the most tightly woven to the human "soul" emotions are being controlled by different parts of the brain, the personality and thoughts of each human must conversely be defined by the signals exchanged between the "organisms" in the human's brain. Ergo, a single soul might not exist. What it does exist is a collection of hardware components that accept certain input (e.g. images) and produce certain output (e.g. fear).


Self-Powered House Generates Income for You

My next house :D :P

Midday sunshine 'benefits health'

The sunshine! Let's go out and play and climb trees and stuff! In the sunshine! Weeeeeee :D

This reminds me of the iconic hair song:
Leeeeeeeeeeet the sunshine, leeeeeeeeeeet the sunshine in. The suuuuuuunshine in...

Gay hippie happiness :D

via BBC News - Home on 12/16/10

New health advice on vitamin D recommends short spells in the sun - without sunscreen and in the middle of the day.


Mercury 'turns birds homosexual'

This shows that homosexuality in animals that function without advanced operating systems might be a disease.

Will mercury have the same effects on the hominidae family? Imagine the possibilities on overpopulation!

The population will be controlled by planes and helicopters that will spray cities with a mercuric chloride (HgCl2) solution. This will kill many many people and turn many to gay :P objective achieved ;)

via BBC News - Home on 12/1/10

PlayStation Phone espied in Greece, said to have Gingerbread and 4-inch screen (video)


For real? :p


Laser-Guided Slingshot is Do It Yourself Project

An improvement of the slingshot would be to leave the bolts free to rotate, add a servo mechanism in order to synchronize the laser with the movement of the bolts and fasten the bands tightly on the bolts in order to rotate the bolts according to their angle. \m/

via SlashGear by Evan Selleck on 11/22/10


Why should we invest more in space and marine exploration


How y'all doing? I'm fine too, thank thee :)

In this post, I will argue on the need to invest more money in the exploration and colonization of the solar system (and beyond) and the depths of the sea.

Throughout history, human kind has been defined by expansion. With expansion I mean habitat expansion. This expansion is required or encouraged by:
  • Overcrowding
  • Lack of resources
  • Quests for glory (not the legendary Sierra game) and wealth
  • Scientific (or just plain simple) curiosity and search for adventure
  • Possibly other reasons that I cannot think of right now :P
Except from expanding their territories, humans also explore to escape from unbearable situations in their previous locations. In this case, the territory is not expanded; it is displaced. Thus, it can also shrink.

Let's now see if the reasons for expansion are valid for our time:
  • Overcrowding
    • It's high time to find an escape from this discomfort except committing suicide (BioTek - Die Sect), killing each other and not giving birth to anything.
  • Lack of resources
    • We need more resources.
  • Quest for Glory - Wealth
    • Human nature
  • Adventure - curiosity
    • Human nature
As for the gradual destruction of our territory, it is an undeniable fact. (we've marked it not just by pissing on it)

Having discovered the whole world (as our satellites have proven), we must now turn to more difficult endeavors, in order to survive as a species (in the long run) and in order to avoid future financial crises and wars.

The last two can actually be connected ([1] [2] [3]) in the fashion that financial crisis causes war, which can be viewed as the solution for the crisis due to the development for war, during the war and after the war.

So, we should go forth and explore the far reaches of space and depths of sea. It is essential for our survival.

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted

Alternative To the 200-Line Linux Kernel Patch

via Slashdot: Linux by timothy on 11/18/10

Rat attack!

kill all the mobs :P


Ireland bail-out talks in Dublin

4 down (Hungary, Latvia, Greece and Ireland), 23 to go :P (the UK received a bail-out in 1976, but that's history)

via BBC News - Home on 11/17/10


voting = lost cause?


Should we vote? Who we should vote for?

As you probably already now, I'm not so much into politics.

I do support freedom coupled with kindness and all these traits that are required in order for people to live harmonically in groups without starting killing and eating each other (because of the freedom they enjoy along the inherent predatory instincts), but I also know that human nature prohibits us to be good with each other at all times (due to personal ambition, jealousy or whatever) and I believe that almost any political system would be acceptable by anyone, if everyone was fair, had noble motives, lacked vanity and envy and was kind at heart.

Since this is implausible, I sort of think that the world must make the leap towards direct (pure) democracy, where everyone (who is willing to participate) will have a right to vote for every decision of the world-country-city-village-group (this is more than feasible today using the freakin' net).

So, a first step in order to convert the political system here in Greece could be to actively deny to vote for anyone. Someone could argue here that a good protest vote would be to vote something other than the mainstream; I accept and respect that.

When a feeble (due to lack of voter support) government takes power, we'll start protesting and demand a brutal capitalistic flavor of direct democracy.

Our will be done afterwards.

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted




Happy 10/11/12 13:14 everybody :D

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


MakerLegoBot is made of Lego, makes things out of Lego, is so meta it hurts ...

nice :)

'Mystery missile' launches in US

The revenge of the black hat \m/ bomb indiscriminately wherever the wind blows. it will be fun destroying the world. just think of the tranquility afterwards. and the toxicity (of all our major cities). at least life as we know it won't be easily sustainable. what a freakin' relief.

via BBC News - Home on 11/9/10

Pentagon officials are at a loss to explain a reported missile launch off the coast of California on Monday, but say it is not a threat.


Hell’s Foundry DashLink Lets you Dock your iPod Touch on your Harley

vroom vroom vroom brabrabrabra :P (this is from southpark, for those who are ignorant, hee hee) ;P

Blog on the facebook

For facebook/blogger integration use this video howto. (it is a little bit outdated, but I think you'll figure it out)

Ants enslave the strong not weak

diluted saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
should see it.
** Ants enslave the strong not weak **
Slavemaker ants target strongly defended colonies when seeking new servants, researchers find.

Nuclear Bunker Houses World's Toughest Server Farm


via Slashdot: Hardware by samzenpus on 11/3/10

Lanxon writes "Deep inside the Swiss Alps, a former nuclear bunker is now the ultimate hiding place for the world's most sensitive secrets — the Swiss Fort Knox. In a lengthy feature, Wired gains access to the server farm designed to survive a full-scale military attack. From the article: 'As we punch our codes at the checkpoint, the yellow door opens into what looks like a city of server towers, their green LEDs flickering as a technician in a white jumpsuit runs diagnostic checks. [Later], we are in a dimly lit tunnel next to what looks like a metal oven door carved into the side of the rock. "These are expansion rooms in case you have an atomic explosion outside," Christoph Oschwald, a retired Swiss paratrooper turned contractor, says. The thinking behind the rooms, he explains, is that if there were a nuclear explosion, the rush of high-pressure air would fill them through vents in the opposite side. Then, the vents would snap shut, trapping the air before it had a chance of damaging the fortress. "There is a lot of protection you can't see," he says. We stroll past an intricate network of insulated pipelines that carry water up from the underground glacial lake to the cooling system.'"

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

Recommended Article By diluted: Why newspapers make you stupid

Memorable quote from this article: Thomas Jefferson said: "The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers." ;)

Why newspapers make you stupid


Twitterizing the blog


Blogs are traditionally used to express opinions and thoughts in lengthy documents enriched with pictures and other multimedia elements.

I really respect and admire this practice; that's why I started this blog a couple of years ago. Though, due to my lack of commitment to this noble cause and because of the more than occasional boredom fits, I'm not usually able to compose the up-to-my-perceived-blog-standard documents, rich analyses of the contemporary events (e.g. the upcoming municipal elections) and, most importantly, geeky articles commenting on technological advancements, scientific breakthrough or generic blabber.

So, I have decided to use the blog as a conveyor of short messages, media and links.

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


24 hour film "The Clock"

This is a very interesting idea actually. The effort to collect all the pieces and edit all of them into such an amalgamation seems huge to my untrained eyes :P


Barcelona photos


Remember that in a previous post I said that I will upload some photos from Barcelona? Well, I "uploaded" them, so here they are :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted

Apache bandwidth limiting


How do you do people?

I am fine! Today I discovered that the web server at my home can consume a lot of my precious bandwidth (probably someone is trying to download some videos I have there :P).

So, since I don't want to prohibit anyone from downloading things from my site, I found this site, which describes the bandwidth limiting module of the apache web server.

This module seems to work, but it remains to see if it is capable to increase the perceived bandwidth. (Let me confide.. perceived bandwidth=the bandwidth that keeps me [and my network's users] satisfied, the bandwidth that gives me all I need)

So, with dust in throat I crave only knowledge :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted



This post is related with the devastating failure of the EU member state of Greece to produce a decent web service.

My mother is a civil servant (a teacher in the public high school to be exact).
The government has required all the civil servants to participate in a census of some kind (in order to find out who is getting paid by it, I suppose).
This can only be done through the web service at the site http://apografi.gov.gr.

But people are not able to access the web service whenever they want until the deadline (contrary to the popular belief that this is a fundamental requirement for every web service). They must do it on a certain range of days, which is defined by their taxpayer identification number (ΑΦΜ, a popular number in Greece, unique for every citizen) [e.g. the 25th of July is reserved for those whose ΑΦΜ ends in 5].

OK, this is shortcoming #1.

Shortcoming #2 is much more important, since #1 can be interpreted by the fact that the government wanted to avoid heavy loads on the day that the deadline expires.
The failure #2:
Let's assume now that Tes is a civil servant with an ΑΦΜ that ends in 2 and she must enter the web service between the 1st and the 15th of July (the numbers, dates and names are random, any resemblance to an actual person is purely coincidental :P). So, being a diligent and hard working lady, she decides to go to the site in the 4th of July (the date is, again, random). She tries to do her chore, but to no avail, as the server doesn't function well (the lists of the prefectures won't load, her address won't be automatically located, the lists of possible public sector assignments won't load). She tries the next days and still isn't able to access the service.

That's all.
Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted



Hola from Barcelona, Spain! :P

How y'all doing?

I'm vacating in Barcelona for about a week now and it is really cool. The best feature of the city is the proximity of the beach (Barceloneta) to the center of the city.

Photos will follow when I'll get back to Greece.

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Zeitgeist Addendum


Today I watched zeitgeist addendum for a second time in order to refresh some parts about the monetary system, the IMF and the US of A and correlate that with the EU and the the destruction, demise and total 3rdWorldation of Greece.

I don't agree with every argument in the movie; which by the way is a conglomeration of pretty much reasonable assumptions and obvious observations mingled with a hint of conspiracy theories.

As a matter of fact, I always get really frustrated hearing all the stuff that these Venus Project people are saying; do they forget that humans are animals? That we are genetically designed to compete each other in order to determine the the alpha male, as most of the primates do? (and, as a matter of fact, all the members of the hominidae [orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and humans]) (sorry girls, but -equality apart- have you ever seen a female gorilla or female chimpanzee or another female hominidae be the leader in their respective society?)

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Brain Multitasking

Lately, while I was solving a rather difficult problem on IPv6, I read this report about multitasking (on humans, not the iPhone).
multitasking girl
(Picture found at http://www.textually.org)


The article more or less described that human brain is capable of handling two tasks simultaneously, but no more than that (by the way, I think that these tasks resemble processes and not threads, as they don't seem to share a common address space [e.g. texting while driving or watching TV while cooking], but I digress). In order to support more than two tasks humans employ task switching, much like the way single processor (pre-Opteron) computers (and, recently, the iPhone) handle multitasking, but they pretty much suck at it when the tasks become increasingly complex [1] (much like my mobile phone, which I otherwise adore).

Each of these two tasks gets handled by one of the hemispheres of the brain.


My thoughts on the brain multitasking are the following:
  1. I assume that our brain is something like a dual core processor. Based on my personal observations though [reference is missing here], I think that one of the hemispheres is dominant and handles the complex tasks, while the other is secondary and handles more simple tasks and/or provides aid for the more complex tasks.
  2. I also think that the secondary hemisphere is the sub-conscience
    • When you are consumed in a heavy-mental (lol) task and someone asks you something: Your secondary hemisphere will probably successfully answer, but your answer was not actually your answer; it's the answer of your sub-conscious brain.
    • Having conversations while sleeping. This is your secondary hemisphere speaking, who (or which? how much do you value your alter-ego?) is not sleeping at that time.
    • The popular "sleep on this". The primary hemisphere sleeps while the secondary can process the pressing issues, free of worries and distractions.
  3. One form of multiple personality could be the rebellion of the secondary hemisphere. The sub-conscience does not want to be hidden any more and, thus, once in a while, it gets unleashed from the tethers of the conscious brain (\m/).
  4. Ambidexterity is when both the hemispheres are equal and work in harmony towards the completion of every task at "hand".
Multitasking mentioned in all the sections above involves cognitive brain functions. I suppose that lower level functions (such are breathing or heart beating, etc.) are handled by the swarm of living organisms (i.e. the random cells) whose conglomeration forms our bodies via the complex network of nerve fibres that interconnects them using DMA-like mechanisms where needed. This is true old-fashioned fail-safe interrupt-based low-level hardware multitasking (\m/).

Executive Summary-Conclusion

I know that the executive summary is usually at the top of the publication, but this format has recently become very popular in Greece.
In this paper, I have presented my thoughts on the multitasking capabilities of the brain.

License: GPLv3

That's all :)


(links to websites have been deliberately omitted, since they are mentioned using HTML)
[1] Margaret Weigel, Katie Heikkinen, "Developing Minds with Digital Media: Habits of Mind in the YouTube Era", Developing Minds with Digital Media Project, Harvard, November 2007


GPL Recipe


How y'all doing?

After huge public demand, I decided to open source the recipe that can be obtained at my previous post (http://dilulog.blogspot.com/2010/02/todays-special-dish.html).

So, now it is licensed under GPL version 3. A copy of the license can be found here.

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Eric Grohe & Greece


How y'all doing?

Two days ago I received an email from a friend that contained a PowerPoint presentation about an artist Eric Grohe Miller, who specializes in murals. I was fascinated by Mr. Grohe's artworks, so I googled him using (obviously) his name (Eric Grohe Miller) as the search keyword.

Interestingly, the majority of the results originated from Greek sites (or blog posts from Greeks or sites that are one way or another affiliated with Greece). I was really intrigued by this fact, so I clicked on this link, which, by the way, was the first result. In this page there is a presentation of the mural that has been designed by Eric Grohe for the Miller brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Thus, the whole Greek cyberspace (sic) is literally filled with false information about Eric Grohe. Some exceptions exist, but they are just a handful.

So, reasonably, I started contemplating on various issues:

First of all, the reason why people tend to circulate unverified information. The effect of people acting merely as repeaters of information is tightly connected with rumours.I am using the more general term "people", instead of Greeks, as, I suspect, judging from the rumours concerning the recent H1N1 "outburst" (this is the first example that popped into my head), that this is a global attribute of humans and it is not an indigenous characteristic of Greeks.
The reasons for rumour spreading could be:
  • Trust to the fellow human being (who is spreading the rumour)
  • Gullibility (from the recipient of the rumour)
  • Boredom to verify whether the rumours are just rumours or not
  • The inherent need of people to impress others
Some solutions: Trust Nobody (cliche) and Verify Everything

Another thought had to do with the addition of the "Miller". Why do people from Greece think Miller is his last name? Some possible explanations:
  1. The site is named "Eric Grohe Murals and Design". Someone with insufficient English knowledge and/or poor eyesight could have misinterpreted the Mural as Miller.
  2. One of the Grohe's murals being displayed in the site has been designed for the Miller brewery, so a Google search after a conversation for a misheard "Eric Grohe Miller" would have produced acceptable results for a person that doesn't have the time and/or the curiosity to search more.
After this initial mistake, the fallacy propagated to all the other Greeks via chain mailing. So, I began to wonder how on earth didn't the same error appear on foreign articles.
  • Did the foreign recipients detect the error and didn't pass the mail on?
    • Shame on us (the Greeks)
  • No foreigner ever received a mail about Eric Grohe Miller?
    • The Greek cyber-ghetto :P
Either way, the fact that Eric Grohe is known as Eric Grohe Miller in Greece is caused by the recession. :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted


Today's Special Dish


How y'all doing?

Recently I learnt how to cook the best meal ever and now I'm going to share it with the world!

The whole process takes less than 30'! :D

In order to prepare it you need the following ingredients:
  • Meat:
    • Two pieces of pork tenderloin (assuming each piece is about 0.4kg)
  • Spices:
    • Freshly ground pepper
    • Oregano
    • Saffron
  • Vegetables:
    • 1 green pepper
    • 1 chili pepper
    • 1 onion
    • 1 tomato
    • 1 potato (optional)
  • Appliances:
    • A standard stove (electric, gas, coal or whatever makes you happy)
    • A Kuhn Rikon Hotpan
The cooking process consists of:
  1. Prepare the meat (clean it), chop the vegetables and prepare the spices
  2. Heat the Hotpan over medium-high flame until the pan is so hot that causes drips of water to evaporate instantaneously
  3. Add the tenderloin and let it sear it from the one side until it can be easily be removed using a fork (1-2')
  4. Turn it to the other side, add the spices and let that side sear using the same method described above
  5. Turn the piece over again and add spices also on that side
  6. Turn the stove off
  7. Add all the other ingredients
  8. Close the Hotpan and let it cook for 20'
Ready! :D

Serve with San Michali Cheese (PDO) (google translate link)

Improvements (still untested):
  • Pour 2-4 tablespoons of white wine after sautéing the meat
Well, bon appétit :)
elias a.k.a. diluted


New pc


Greetings people!

I upgraded my PC [supercharger]! It's been two-three weeks since I actually upgraded it, but now I got the chance to write about it.

I bought the following things:
So, by keeping the following components from my old computer, I assembled the new supercharger:
I installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) on two 20GB partitions of the SSD and I'm happy playing Left 4 Dead 2 :P

Ta ta,
elias a.k.a. diluted